Does Your IT Provider Have CompTIA MSP Trustmark?

David Johnson/April 6, 2018 Business StrategyLeadership

During a recent conversation with a prospective client, the topic turned to experience and history.  I explained that Fulcrum Group had been in business since 2002, and had been providing IT outsourcing to small/medium businesses in DFW since 2007.  I also mentioned that we had recently re-certified our CompTIA MSP Trustmark, which is a mark of quality and maturity in IT outsourcing and Managed Services.  We must adhere to a code of conduct and criteria related to operations, management/finance, services, and customer references.

What’s the maturity level of your IT service provider?  One thing I hear very often is small IT service providers that are trying to get into IT outsourcing, but are really doing break/fix IT support for a fixed price.  The real challenge with this is that the business owner/manager doesn’t see the results related to their IT that they should be seeing.  If you’re lacking IT policies, a comprehensive backup & disaster recovery plan, or just generally don’t have IT standards, then the problem is probably process-related, and not technology.  You’ll continue to face poor results from your IT operations.  If you’re ready for different results, reach out to The Fulcrum Group to learn more about our SPOT Managed IT Services.

See our press release on the topic, for more info on what the Trustmark certification means to the companies we serve.


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