Does Your IT Provider Proactively Monitor and Manage Your Network?

Laura James/January 8, 2018 IT Innovation

We recently had a client who had a server go offline.  Our SPOT Network Operations Center received the alert and contacted the client within minutes to notify them of the outage.  Their response?  “Wow, that’s magic, how did you guys know before we did?”

When I heard the feedback, it got me thinking – do most IT providers proactively monitor and manage their clients’ networks?  Here at Fulcrum, we have been refining and improving our SPOT Network Monitoring Remote Monitoring and Management Service for several years, with many improvements in 2017.  Not only can we notify our clients of an outage, we can set thresholds in our monitoring system so that we can resolve problems while they are small and before they become full fledged outages.  And our clients love it when we can automatically resolve issues in real time, significantly improving network performance and reducing downtime.

During our SPOT Managed IT Services Quarterly Business Reviews, we review trending reports, asset reports, and IT health reports.  This keeps our clients informed on the health and status of their IT environment.  Being proactive can go a long way.  Can you say the same about your current IT provider?


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