Is Your IT Provider Protecting You From Meltdown & Spectre?

Laura James/January 19, 2018 IT Innovation

When the massive Meltdown & Spectre vulnerabilities were first discussed in the media on January 3rd, 2018, Fulcrum Group immediately researched the vulnerabilities and came up with a game plan on how to respond.

Our 1st Security blog post on Meltdown & Spectre was published the next day, January 4th.  And a plan was put together for each client and then communicated to the client.  Windows patching was performed, antivirus software was updated, and hardware firmware patching was planned out.  Since we have our SPOT Network Monitoring in place, we were able to benchmark critical server and workstation performance and then determine afterwards how performance was impacted by the patching and updates.

Have you heard from your IT provider?  What’s their plan for protecting you against Meltdown & Spectre?

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