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Certifications and titles are just a start.


Isn’t every IT person kind of the same?

No It “Jerks” need apply

Whether with an internal IT team or with an external support firm, not all good technologists are also good with people. Security suggestions like requiring complex passwords and changing passwords frequently certainly fall under the category of “best practices” but you should also be sure you’re factoring in other options to accomplish requirements, such as those for HIPAA compliance. A good technologist should also understand there is an inverse relationship between security and usability. Good IT security is really just good risk management. We can provide lots of good security recommendations but we also factor in business requirements to find a balance between the two. And don’t be suckered in by someone rattling off a list of their certifications, instead of educating you and simplifying the issue.

Provide your IT team/vendor with clear business direction

Most technology projects don’t fail from poor technology, but rather unclear goals or poor project management. If your technology is struggling, ask yourself if you have regular meetings with your technology person. Do they understand the exact business need?  Does the organization change direction or does IT get different direction from different managers?

Successful IT begins with a single vision and structured approach to making changes and communicating. We manage ourselves following the Mastering the Rockefeller Habits business framework. Verne Harnish created the content from his experience during past academic and Small Business Development Center days. He also created the Young Entrepreneurs Organization and some of his Rockefeller concepts are also seen in the book Traction.

One of his key tools we have embraced are our core values. Fulcrum Group’s core values (which we refer to as TIPLAW) are listed below.  Our message is that if we don’t have a standard operating procedure for a given instance, we use our core values to help guide our clients through.  Fulcrum Group Core Values include: 1. Take personal ownership of self 2. Inspires client confidence 3. Plan, do, review 4. Look to future 5. Actively listen and communicate 6. Work as a team

How we’ve built our team

We take a lot of pride in trying to cultivate a Signature Client Experience.

No, we can’t claim to be perfect, but we invest time and money sending our people to training for technical skills and conducting internal training on soft skills.

All new team members must pass a standard pre-employment background and drug check if selected for employment. Prospective team members also complete an extended DISC profile as part of our interviewing process. DISC is a behavior assessment tool based on the DISC theory of psychologist Dr. William Marston, which centers on four different behavioral traits called: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance. Our goal is to find personnel that have the right people skills first and the capacity to grow even more technical skills through our programs. The extended DISC profiles help us find people that fit into our company culture and work hard on your behalf.

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