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IT Outsourcing

SPOT Managed IT Services

A business network is a living breathing person. They need care and attention at the right times and in the right ways to grow and develop. If you have a single IT person trying to help you with all typical technology tasks, they are probably good at a couple but struggle at the rest of the tasks.The typical organization between 50-75 employees tends to have a fair jack of all trades but typically struggles at actually resolving intermittent issues and doesn’t always have a great communication history with the executive team.The best IT organizations have structure and a good communication rhythm with the leadership team to make sure the technology is always properly aligned with business, for the most efficient use of the technology dollar. The Fulcrum Group combines people, processes and technologies to help take you to the next level of automation for your business.


The Fulcrum Group uses a team approach to deliver outsourced IT support. With our experienced and certified staff, we provide more than just PC support – we also provide IT strategy, ensuring that IT has a vision for success and team members are working towards that goal. With SPOT Managed IT Services, we match you with the right Subject Matter Expert – from Help Desk technicians to Virtual CIO, ensuring the most qualified person is working on your needs, unless it is a time sensitive issue that need someone right away.


We believe that consistency in execution is key to The Fulcrum Group’s ability to provide excellent customer service across our entire customer base.We compile complete System Documentation for each customer, utilize Best Practices from our vendor partners, document “Lessons Learned” from completed projects, standardize our customers’ networks and use our Quarterly Business Review process to ensure that IT is consistently aligned with your business goals. Never underestimate the power of checklists.


The Fulcrum Group has invested time, money, and resources into implementing business and technical tools to help manage our customers’ networks. Our SPOT Network Monitoring platform allows us to proactively monitor and report on our customers’ networks. Our trouble ticketing system with Service Level Agreement ensures that all service requests are handled in a timely fashion. And our SPOT Network Monitoring system works hand in hand with our trouble ticketing system, automatically generating tickets when systems are down or when other issues occur. These integrated systems ensure that The Fulcrum Group is proactively managing and monitoring your IT environment.In 2016, we started piloting a new online system documentation platform to replace our spreadsheets, Visio maps and documents. We are excited to see all we can develop by adding it into the mix.

SPOT Managed Server

Our Managed Server offering is geared towards those organizations that might already have a fantastic desktop support person to install software, remediate virus and malware attacks, apply patches, troubleshoot applications, manage security settings and similar tasks. The Managed Server option is the lowest cost point of entry but delivers service level agreement response to your critical network infrastructure, such as firewalls, switches, storage and servers. But beware, while we will respond under SLA to server requests, any services outside the scope of the base agreement are “best effort” only. Since most “on the surface” IT activities surround the end-user, you must be prepared to own truly your own desktop support, if this option is selected.


The Fulcrum Group is a long-time expert of Voice over IP and has 200+ systems deployed throughout the DFW area and even some outside of the state of Texas. Our Managed Voice over IP services are designed around Digium Switchvox and Cisco’s unified communications platforms. For a fixed price, we handle PBX updates, coordinate system backups and all user phone moves, adds and changes. Additionally, we will remediate hardware outages and call your ISP on your behalf when there are carrier related outages (you know ATT and Verizon are easy to work with, right?).

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