New Year’s Resolutions For Cybersecurity

David Johnson/January 17, 2019 IT Security
Cybersecurity Resolutions for the New Year

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, and quit smoking?  Don’t forget to add a few resolutions for your organization’s cybersecurity. Below are 5 resolutions that will get you on the road to improving your organization’s cybersecurity posture and reducing your risk.

Resolution #1
As a business leader, I will make cybersecurity a priority in our business through education, awareness, and focus.

Resolution #2
Obtain cybersecurity insurance.  If your organization doesn’t already have cybersecurity insurance, remember that data breaches are costly, they happen frequently, and that cybersecurity insurance can reduce your risk.

Resolution #3
Budget for cybersecurity.  Not only does your organization need firewalls, VPNs, antivirus, and other traditional cybersecurity solutions, but you should also budget to secure the person (end user security awareness training), and consider other cybersecurity tools such as SIEMs to help secure your IT environment.

Resolution #4
Plan to secure your IOT Devices.  As IOT devices continue to proliferate in your network, you MUST have a plan to segment and secure these devices to reduce the vectors for intrusion, and improve your cybersecurity posture.  Creating separate VLANs, requiring VPN connectivity for access to IOT devices, and simply documenting when and where you have IOT devices can go a long way to securing these devices.

Resolution #5
Don’t sleep on backup and disaster recovery.  As cybersecurity risks continue to increase, the importance of backup and disaster recovery solutions increase as well.  Regular reviews of what is being backed up, the requirements for Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) can help ensure that your backup and disaster recovery solution can help you recover in the event of a compromise.

Getting started on these 5 resolutions can give you a head start on cybersecurity for 2019. 

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