Office 365 MyAnalytics – See Insights Into Your Work Week

David Johnson/August 21, 2018 Uncategorized

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend in meetings or reading, writing, and responding to emails? Office 365 MyAnalytics can help you understand how you utilize your time by breaking down your meeting hours, focus hours, and other key analytics around email and calendar usage.

The idea behind this is to set goals for your email and calendar usage in Outlook. Too many meeting hours? Not enough focus time? Research would indicate that a balance between the two is critical to productivity. Research has also shown, for example, that sales reps who spend more time with customers and have large internal networks tend to be more successful.

Office 365 MyAnalytics InsightsDetails about how much time you spend in meetings, answering emails and focusing on your work let you know exactly where your time is going. “Top collaborators” and “Losing touch” features provide information about how you collaborate, including read rates, response times, and overall collaboration time. The personal dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of your time and collaboration. Each component of MyAnalytics is designed to benefit you and what you do each day.

More collaboration demands exist than ever. Today’s worker is involved in more collaboration than ever and it’s continuing to increase. Because of this, workers can feel as though their time isn’t under their control, and may feel they’re in too many meetings, sending too many emails, and lacking focus time to get their job done.

This can have other ill effects, such as workers having to dip into their own time to get their job done (not exactly a recipe for happy, loyal employees)! Mitigating this unfortunate reality is at the forefront of the mission of MyAnalytics. By cutting out low-quality collaborative activities, proactively establishing and adhering to dedicated focus time, and limiting after hours work, MyAnalytics helps make employees more productive and helps to strike a better work-life balance.

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