Reducing Monthly IT Expenses

David Johnson/January 10, 2018 Business Strategy

Recently I was speaking with a client, discussing the fact that they were unhappy with their Internet provider who had just been bought out.  Since they were a SPOT Managed IT Services client, vendor management is included in their agreement.  I began reviewing their bill and contract with their Internet provider.

I contacted the Internet provider, going over their bill and contract aloud with them.  As it turns out, the plan that the client was on was so old that it wasn’t even listed in the system any longer.  So we plugged in the numbers and went through the bills, and due to our research, found out we could save them over $300 per month.  We discovered this just by taking the time to look closer at the account!  When I took this information back to the client, they exclaimed, “Wow, so we were just throwing away this money every month…?!”

Long story short, we upgraded their Internet speed.  Now, not only does our client enjoy more bandwidth, but also at a lower price per month.  Does your IT provider help you reduce your monthly IT expenses?

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