Server Outages Aren’t An IT Problem; They’re A PROCESS Problem.

David Johnson/July 31, 2018 Business StrategyIT Security

During many discovery conversations with new clients, a common pain point is often raised by CEOs, COOs, and CFOs.  Their feedback is that server outages are costly and painful, and some mention outages lasting multiple days.  While these outages are costly and painful, they can be avoided by PROCESS, not IT.  When a business or organization has a server outage that lasts longer than expected or acceptable, this usually indicates that IT leaders and business leaders haven’t completed a risk assessment to understand the impact of outages, nor have they built in the appropriate levels of redundancy, high availability, and recoverability into their IT server environment.

Aligning technology with business goals is a process, and can help reduce the number of IT “surprises” such as outages and unexpected IT costs that aren’t budgeted.  IT leaders and business leaders can work together to improve the process, and get better results from IT.  And this can happen whether your IT is in-house or outsourced.

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