Top 3 Myths About IT Outsourcing For Small Business

David Johnson/July 11, 2018 Explained

Have you thought about outsourcing your IT but just assumed it was too expensive or didn’t fit your needs?  Here are the Top 3 Myths about IT Outsourcing.

We’re Not Big Enough to Outsource our IT

How many IT users (employees that use computers and technology daily) do you have? If that number is 100 or less, IT outsourcing should definitely be on your radar.

The real question should be:  Are you big enough to NOT outsource your IT?

Most organizations where IT is a critical function have 1 IT person for every 50-75 IT users.  So if you have 25 or 50 IT users, realistically you would only have 1 IT person.  That means you’re asking that 1 IT person to be the “jack of all trades” when it comes to IT – desktop support, server support, IT security specialist, vendor management, and big picture planning/budgeting.  That’s a lot to ask, and that 1 IT person is likely to not be very competent in all of those areas, especially IT security, which could leave your business at significant risk when it comes to hacking and malware.  In addition, that 1 IT person is likely to lack full documentation and will be handling IT in a fully reactive manner.

If you’re a smaller company (fewer than 20 IT users), you might have a non-IT person (whoever knows the most about computers) handling internal IT.  This can also put you at risk for the same reasons above.  And if you’re using a one man IT shop for your IT support, and paying by the hour for break/fix IT support, you’re likely not getting the big picture, including budgeting and planning that every business needs.  IT outsourcing can provide you with fractional resources (desktop support, server support, IT security, vendor management, and big picture budgeting and planning), so that you always have the right expert working on your behalf.

In-House IT Staff Costs Less than Outsourced IT

While there are costs associated with both in-house IT Staff and outsourcing your IT, the cost of hiring, training, a full-time salary, and benefits almost always costs more than outsourcing.  Today’s IT job market is hotter than ever, and the likelihood of keeping an IT person long-term is relatively low.  This means that you have to recruit, hire, and train a new IT person every year or two.  Plus you add in benefits, office space, etc., and the cost for a $75K IT person is probably over $100K annually.

In our experience, if you have less than 100 IT users and you have an in-house IT staff, IT outsourcing is very cost effective compared to in-house IT.  And that doesn’t take into account the results that you can achieve with IT outsourcing (proactive maintenance/support, better technology alignment to business goals, more system uptime, access to 24×7 support, and more).

Response Time for IT Support is Slower

Slow response time has been a common misconception about outsourcing your IT support for many years. The reason that this misconception occurs is because IT outsourcing companies provide IT support in a remote fashion.  Sometimes we hear from business owners, when they don’t see their IT support personnel on-site, the service must be slower.

In actuality, when you partner with an outsourced IT company, you will have access to a variety of fractional IT resources, much more than if you had your own internal IT staff. Since the majority of issues are able to be fixed remotely, an outsourced IT company could remote into your systems and fix a simple issue much quicker than your in-house IT person could walk from one end of the building to the other.  And many IT outsourcing companies include escalated on-site IT support when things can’t be fixed remotely.

IT outsourcing can deliver better results than internal IT, and can allow you to stay focused on the core functions of your business, rather than managing IT.  Contact us today to learn more.

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