Top 5 Reasons Your WiFi Might Be Slow

David Johnson/July 11, 2018 Explained

If your business has fast Internet, users have fast wired connections, but when WiFi is slow, it can be incredibly frustrating.

Here are FIVE reasons why your WiFi may be running slow and some quick-fixes for them:

  1. You may have viruses or malware on your network, and these viruses/malware might be sending out large amounts of data, causing a WiFi slow-down.  Make sure that your antivirus and anti-malware programs are up to date on all of your devices. You should have centrally administered antivirus and anti-malware solutions on your network.
  2. Someone (or many people) on your network is streaming media. YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, and others can use a lot of bandwidth. If you walk through your office and you find multiple people playing music or watching videos, then there is a good chance that their streaming could be contributing to a WiFi slow-down. If you aren’t sure who is streaming media on your network, there may be add-on solutions for your firewall that can report on bandwidth usage by user and application.
  3. You are using a consumer class WiFi solution in a business environment.  Consumer class WiFi solutions lack many critical features that are needed in a business environment.  Business class WiFi features such as auto channel selection, beam forming, and dual band/dual radio can improve WiFi performance considerable, especially in high density areas such as office buildings/towers, where there is likely to be a lot of interference.
  4. Having too MANY or too FEW Wireless Access Points (WAPs).  Believe it or not, you can have too many WAPs, which can cause interference that leads to performance problems.  Too few WAPs can cause performance issues with weak signals in certain areas of your office.
  5. Not restricting bandwidth usage on your guest network.  Imagine running a small medical practice, and you offer Wireless Internet for your patients while they wait to be seen.  Three of them are streaming Netflix, and another is downloading a large update to their laptop.  They could easily use up a significant portion of your Internet.  Most business class WiFi solutions include the ability to restrict bandwidth usage on the guest network.

The bottom line is that WiFi is complex, and not easy to troubleshoot.  If you have questions about the WiFi in your business, reach out to us for a FREE WiFi assessment.

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