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Welcome to our new microsite. The purpose of this specially-crafted site is to educate business owners and managers around networking & computer technology and managed services. We hope to avoid too much technology talk, except in the interest of education. Check out the sections below and let us know if you find them helpful in your business.


Keeping up with Today’s Trending Technology

I read a recent article that indicated baby boomers, and even generation Xers, faced a major challenge in keeping up with the digital economy. While many of us older people are experts from our degree or years of experience, the challenge is almost none of today’s technology was taught in school or college.


Yet, as our businesses evolve, technology continues to become more important in the fast delivery of services, engaging clients and constituents and generally collaborating within your own organization. This microsite is aimed to help encourage discourse and thinking around technology while reducing the amount of technical terms and three letter acronyms (TLAs).


The Challenge of Getting a Simple, Straight Answer

First, I wanted to share something about my personal background that makes this a just cause. As a younger man (my wife might say much younger), I was a freshly minted graduate from business school and had an opportunity to manage a couple of “computer guys”. Back then “IT support” was large computers filling most of the room with “dumb” terminals. Computer networking at the time was Novell Netware or Artisoft Inc. LANtastic, not exactly key players these days.

Early Management days steve meek spot it managed servicesIn my early management days, I made the mistake of asking for a straight answer to a problem we were having.  Of course, the answer I received was, “it depends.” I didn’t know much about technology back then and I really needed some guidance. Go left, if you need this – or go right, if you need that. No matter how I rephrased, repackaged or tried to pin the young men down on a straight answer, they continued to assert “it depends,” – a mantra as familiar as an old friend, for those of us who regularly deal with technology.

I bring this story up because over the years I’ve been a first-line supervisor, operations manager, general manager, retail manager, sales manager and held executive roles elsewhere. The technology was not my native language. At some point, I went to the dark side and became very technical. However, I’ve always remembered how hard it was to get a good enough answer or simple enough explanation to make a smart decision.



Reconciling Business and Technology

As I continue to write down my thoughts about the nature of business and technology, and how the two are the same but different, my aim is to share the general knowledge I’ve learned that is applicable to managers and business owners alike. I wish you luck in your pursuits and ask that you feel free to send me any topics you on which like me to share wisdom, or help explain. Thank you and I hope you take a moment to explore our site further!


What Have you Always Wanted to Ask About?

My biggest challenge in writing this content is trying to determine what to write about.

  • Are there technologies you’ve always wanted to be summarized (not explained)?
  • Are there two paths you’ve wanted to understand the impacts between?
  • Is there a question you’re afraid to ask (for fear someone technical won’t understand you are trying to learn something they know)?
  • Are you having computer issues and not sure of ways to work around?


I hope in our efforts to educate that we also make some decision-making easier. If you go to an auto mechanic, you want to understand, “do I need to repair or replace?” If you go to a physician, he or she will need to determine if you just need rest, to treat with medication or address with surgery. In the same way, I believe technology can have clear paths with pros and cons of each.


So, I’m inviting you to ask away! The doctor is in, free is a fair rate and I’m listening. Email your question to thedoctor@fulcrumgroup.net

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