Won’t our equipment and software vendors maintain their own stuff?

Specific technology is your most important technology.


Won’t our equipment and software vendors maintain their own stuff?

What are the keys to your kingdom?

Typically when you hire a new IT person, one of the first tasks is to understand what the most important applications in the organization are, so they can be documented. Equally important is to understand how these applications work, and to identify where their data is located and establishment of management procedures.As part of the Vendor Management portion of our outsourced IT, we work to get a list of all your vendors, key contacts and support information. It’s typically much easier for us to support standard, off-the-shelf technology because we have previous knowledge and publicly-available support databases to look up common issues. But it is still important for businesses to maintain ongoing support relations with their specialty software and hardware vendors, since vendor knowledgebases are typically not publicly available, like a Microsoft knowledgebase. Note when purchasing typical software, coverage costs average about 18% per year of the average purchase price, but can be worth it to keep your key tool running as well as possible.The downsides of you just contacting the vendor directly is many times the vendor does not know your network, bullies you on system requirements or tries blame issues on everything but their technology. They also may not understand technology beyond their own – or if they are not dedicated to your account, may not document or maintain any records. In utilizing our outsourced IT services, we pick up the phone and call the support organization on your behalf, open the ticket, work the ticket and document any resultant new information for future issues that may arise. We can also share details on your environment when considering software upgrades, or major changes to your current application. In a few cases we’ve even assisted to solicit options by collecting details on system requirements, project managing the deployment or vetting new vendor viability on our client’s behalf.

Getting access to specialty skills

Our principals have been in the business for over 20 years and have many contacts, referral partners and industry relationships, locally and nationally. Having a trusted network of contacts helps us ensure you have access to some of the best resources available for specialty needs. Additionally we are part of a nationwide network of vendors covering North America with over 300 like-minded partners. This network has helped us add different specialty skills and deliver geographically dispersed access to hands-on resources, for our clients who have branch locations and remote needs. This allows us to handle important access here at your main location in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as all your branch locations throughout the United States and Canada. The Trust X Alliance was born in the early days of technology when it was harder to get manufacturers to do training, live up to support needs and otherwise stand by what they built. This special organization of peers meets quarterly, where we compare best practices and exchange ideas on what’s working in technology or what’s new and disruptive. The Fulcrum Group ownership has served as both President and Vice-President of the Lonestar Chapter, as well as a Council Member of the organization’s national leadership. The group is partially sponsored by Ingram Micro, the world’s largest technology distributor. Together with Trust X, the two continue to innovate and help bring new hardware, software and cloud solutions for us to offer or build upon for our clients.

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Never assume what a third party vendor is doing. The easier a design sounds, the more there are some poor assumptions that need clarification. Use these tips to help you.

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